v1.2 is here!

While playing in browser, there might be some issues causing the text to be too small to read and the lights to be dimmed, which makes it difficult to enjoy the game.

Please download the game on your device for the best experience.

You are a young cube-guy who's trying to protect his home from the evil zombiecube hordes and survive as long as he can during the apocalypse.

Your goal is to kick the zombiecubes off the map and protect the base for as long as possible.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts that might make the game more exciting and challenging, I'll definitely be thrilled to hear them.

Thank you and stay dope!

News & Updates

Tip: PRGI stands for "Player Reported Gameplay Issues"

Dec11 - v1.2.0

  • Added pause feature (press "P")
  • Made the scene brighter and objects are now easier to see than ever (a lot of people complained about this in the previous versions)
  • Using the gun requires 20 overall kills to be unlocked.
  • Machine Gun upgrade requires 50 overall kills to be unlocked.
  • UI improvements (better looking menus, bars and counters)
  • Added a title system (based on most kills you can do in one run)
Number of kills in one runTitle
1-30 killsNoob
31-50 kills in one runPro Noob
51-70 kills in one runMaster
71-99 kills in one runZombiecube Slayer
100-149 kills in one run???
150+ kills in one run???

Nov16 - v1.1.0

  • Added sound effects for menu buttons and shooting.
  • Increased bullets size.
  • A new way to use machine gun upgrade (after obtaining the upgrade cube, alternate between X and Z quickly to shoot more bullets)
  • Rank system upgrade (it now tells you the killing rate based on your total kills and number of runs)
  • Rank titles will be added in the next update.

Nov14 - v1.0.1

  • PRGI: Bullets are useless.
    Currently trying to make them more useful.
  • Released Mac and Linux builds (not yet tested)
  • Bright light patch link is removed as the new version comes patched.

Nov13 - v1.0.0

  • PRGI: The scene is very dark and it's difficult to see the zombiecubes and other objects. Resolved using a mini-patch called "Bright light"
  • Released Windows standalone build.


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